Sunday, May 19, 2013

SOOO many posts!

After HOURS and HOURS of uploading and reformatting, I just added *8* new posts on here!  Go back as far as February if you'd like to review in chronological order!  I hope I'm not this far behind again down the road!

Cheers to a busy summer coming up for us, and lots of traveling this year (well, for us)!!

Thanks for reading....

B & EJ

Mother's Day!

So, the "little giant" was pretty excited to wear a big, flow-y dress that I picked up at a garage sale last year...and I was kind of excited because it was a pretty pink. :)

After church, we made it to the park with our sweet friends AL & Dave and they were so kind to take pictures of us again.  So, I am delighted to share my Mother's Day pictures!  So special and important to me....

EJ decided to get up on the piano bench at the front and 'sing' into the microphone while playing.  She looks awfully comfortable there.  Check out the video below....

Flowers and a teddy bear given to me, but EJ thought it was all for her, and clearly liked the teddy bear.  She'd been hugging it around the house, which originally was named "Marissa" and was a boy. :)  Now, I think it's a girl, named "Marsa"  (no, not Marcia..."mar-sa").  I think it's so fun that the stuffed animals are starting to get names - 6 months ago or so, she gave each animal her own name.

Made at school. :)

Pictures at the Park!!

Oops!  But SO cute!  It's her Marilyn Monroe moment. :)

Check out that face!!

So, on the way out, EJ made friends with strangers and a very sweet, playful for the excitement on her face.  :)

Look - instant pals.

Look at this precious face!

And this one!

Happy Mother's Day for me!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Miscellaneous May

Escaped a day of work and got to enjoy a nice day at the stadium!

My kitchen countertops just started falling apart.  :(
Not looking forward to the cost or energy it's going to take to repair it all.
...BUT, on the 'glass is half-full side,' I AM looking forward to a smooth surface  and no more tile!
Hooray for THAT!

A preview of the lil' flower girl for next month's wedding!

A cool chica, eating dinner with Mommy's sunglasses, and undies. :)

Headed to school with a cute outfit and an enormous bow, that she was totally in to wearing that day. 

EJ and "S" hangin' out on an afternoon. 

Fantastic Gymnastics!  
(that's a Dora episode reference, for those who don't have to suffer through the squealing cartoon)
We enrolled EJ in a 6 week gymnastics class, after interest in dancing was waning.  She has been REALLY enjoying it.  This was only week #2, and I'm sure next week's last class, we'll see some fun improvements.  So fun to watch her delightedly prance around the gym floor.  She looks much more natural in the gym than on the dance floor at this point in life. :)

Well, I WAS trying to fold clothes - this is Briggs, for any of you how know this utterly scared  cat...
he's sprawled out all over the clothes!

Had to take EJ to the doc recently and just HAD to take this picture with the following internal thought I had:

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Business Trip to Florida!!

It was so great (and a little crazy!) to get away!  I couldn't attend my work trip last year, and after going this year, I certainly hope to make it each year from here on out.  It's just so good to be reminded that there are 1200 other associates daily going through the same challenges and victories...good to meet new people and to be there with a common goal...and good to be reminded just how blessed we are to work our jobs.  I wore myself out, and stayed up much later than I normally do, but really glad I went (and you'll see why at the bottom of this post!).

I arrived a day early to visit (and meet for the first time) a client and spend time with the sales team from the hotel where we booked this year's event.  I also spent the first day of our conference doing some service work with Give Kids the World ( - an amazing, wonderful organization that allows a family with a child with a life-threatening illness to spend a week in Orlando, 100% expense-free, and visit any amusement park, museum or do any activity for each day, and then they have camp activities/celebrations each night (Halloween on Mondays, Christmas on Thursdays, etc.). It allows families who are daily dealing with sicknesses, medical bills and medical scares to 'take a break' from it all (or as much as they can) and just play as a family.  Anyway, although we didn't get to meet any families onsite, I DID meet a special girl on the airport on the way home, who lived in St. Louis and was flying back on our flight.  She was precious and I was honored to meet her and her family.  Absolutely a highlight of my trip.  
Ronald McDonald came to visit us all while we were working...our group did landscaping.

The whole, huge park is an imaginary dreamland...with fun kids structures and colors.

This is the dining hall, where they get to see thousands of stuffed animals, and most tables/chairs are kids'-height.

Maybe a distant cousin of Dumbo?

I got a pic taken from the professional photographer on-site!  I guess I WAS working. :)

Nearly 100 of us associates plus staff from the Ritz Carlton, who hosted the service project, before we headed back.  

Out with my client and our hotel friends...I'm holding an Appetizer of Bacon - literally, it was a cup of bacon, and became the joke of most of the night...but seriously?  It was the BEST bacon I've ever tasted!  Had to watch how much I ate, though...had a pretty dress to fit in to.  :)

Kim and Deborah on my team...who live in the STL area.

The 4 of us at the "Top Producers" pre-function before our opening ceremonies - it was the first year for all of us!

4 of us rookies with 2 long-timers

Night #2 (or was it #3??)
We were supposed to dress in either black or white and enjoyed an evening of amazing food and drinks ( new favorite drink - a chocolate martini!!) while watching a set of 4 dueling pianos!

They handed out black and white hats to go with our ensembles,, you'll see a bunch of hats in these pics.

The guy in the middle...well, everyone throughout the company thinks he's the 'dreamiest' - so he got snagged at the last minute to get roped into our picture...not by me...I think it's hilarious to watch the em...the ladies 'oooh' over him!

My colleague and I headed to the new Four Seasons being built in very first hard hat tour!

 Then we headed to another site visit - check out this area view of just PART of this had a fun, amazing pool, slides and great kid and adult places.  I hope to return someday with some relax time for me and EJ!

And now for our final night...our black-tie awards ceremony.

Love this picture of me 'n' Bruce - we've been through a lot together in the now 5 years I've been doing this job.  Wouldn't have made it this far without him...for sure!

Love this picture - some of my teammates, and of course, the always-'ham' Bruce.

Deborah and I - we really spent a lot of fun time together over the time - with our newly-received awards.

Our team had over 50% winners into Presidents Club, and this is only about half of our awards....

...and only about half of our team (who attended the trip) pictured here....
Got a chance to grab the founder, Roger Helms, afterwards and get another picture.  He was so gracious, and if you ever want to hear a fun story, I have a good one about meeting him before the awards ceremony. :)  Pretty out of character for me, but I'll now be remembered by him, I'm sure of it.

Sweet Maggie - fellow teammate - and I

And...for the Grand Finale...the moment AND picture I've been hoping for and working hard towards...

My on-stage award acceptance with Roger Helms, received just a few days before my official 5 year anniversary.  

Such a proud, PROUD, victorious moment for me!!!